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Manufacturers, Exporter and Supplier of Pinch Valves Industrial pinch valves Manufacturer in Gujarat
 Manufacturer Industrial pinch valves
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Pinch Valve Application in Industries

Vacuum Sewage Plants

"Flowrise®” closed body pinch valves are fabricated in such a way that can be used for vacuum sewage plants and they consist of elastomers of non-permeable and corrosion-resistance feature. They have bi-directional drop-tight shut off for very reliable and durableperformance. They are robust and are very apt for versatile other applications. We offer them in the diverse specifications and also in the customized versions.


Thermal Power Stations

Our pinch valves have excellent aspects like seat-less and Glandless features, Excellent Field replaceable elastomer sleeve, Positive Shut-off etc. it is ideal for regulation of steam and gases and hence are perfect for thermal power stations. Our products are in adherence to the standards such as DIN, ANSI, BS 10, IS etc, hence they are known for their outstanding functionality in a very long-lasting manner.

Pharmaceutical Industries

industrial pinch valves

“Flowrise®” industrial pinch valves are flawlessly designed and arethe best for diverse types of viscous and granular substance. While the valves are in open position, it has zero restriction and during closing, the valve closes with pinching or squeezing operation, in a very efficient manner. These valves are easy to install and need least maintenance. They are absolutely safe too.

Textile Industries

pinch valve exporter of India

We are the leading pinch valve exporter of India. Our valves are well-known for their high resistance to reactive chemicals as well as high corrosion resistance hence they are chosen for applications in the textile industries where there is over exposure to reactive dyes and acidic dyes. Moreover our valves are renowned for their excellent performance, durability as well as consistency in the operation.

Mining & Cement Industries
pinch valves manufacturer

We as the chief pinch valves manufacturer in India that are sold under the brand name "Flowrise®”. The design of this valve is such that it can handle powdery and granular substance in a fail proof manner. The valve can functions very long-lastingly as the rubber sleeve is entirely enclosed when it comes in touch with abrasive & corrosive materials. Hence they are perfect for mining & cement Industries. We offer them at market leading price rates.

Acid & Chemical Industries
pinch valve supplier

We are the leading pinch valve supplier in India especially in the places like Jamshedpur, Kanpur, Ghaziabad, Mumbai and Jaipur etc. They are resistant to corrosive acids and reactive chemicals and are internationally preferred in the chemical factories as well as dyes and intermediate industries for regulating the flow of such acidic chemical materials. They comply with the industrial standards and offer excellent performance in a very lucrative manner.


pinch valve exporters

We are the leading pinch valve exporters of India and export them under the brand name "Flowrise®". These valves are not just qualitative and offer high performance but also perfect for regulation of the flow of viscous fluids and hence are demanded in the refineries across the world in a very effectual manner. These valves are user-friendly &operate in a very consistent and cost-effective way.


operated close body pinch valves

We offer "Flowrise®" pneumatic close body pinch valves as well as "Flowrise®" gearbox chain operated close body pinch valves for using in the fertilizer industry. They are incredibly resistant to corrosive and reactive chemicals, more over they are perfect for prolonged functionality.These valves consist of fieldchangeable elastomer sleeve that areexceptionally resistant to abrasion. These valves are 100 % Leakage proof and cost-effective.

Pulps Valves

Pulps Valves India

"Flowrise®" Industrial pinch valves are very robust and capable of regulating the pulpy material in a very efficient manner. They are robust as they are made from high grade material in compliance to the international standards. We also offer them in customized specifications as per the requirements of the clients.They are easy to install and need minimal maintenance. They also offer enduring performance.

Industrial pinch valves