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About Beena Engineering Works

“Beena Engineering Works” is the well known manufacturer, distributor and exporter of the finely designed forms of the industrial pinch valves in Gujarat, India. We are at that position where most of the industries are well known to us because of our rich industrial experience in this field almost since the last 30 years and we have established our esteemed company in the year 1989. Still now we are at the top place in manufacturing the excellent quality of the pinch valves to satisfy the requirements of our wide numbers of consumers. Our finch valves are very firm in control the flow of any liquid or other any medium passing through it. These valves are produced with the maximum care and with the latest technology. This helps to get the well equipped forms of the pinch valvesand it is also capable of work for the longer time period.

about us

No issue of misappropriation or problems in the functions of these valves will arise because these valves are technically produced from our reputed company. Our products are most likely welcomed by many industries from various cities of India and also from the abroad industries. Our pinch valves are widely useful for the various types of the industries like chemical industries, mining & cement industries, pharmaceutical Industry and refineries and many more… we are manufacturing the different types of pinch valves like Open Body Pinch valves, Close Body Pinch valves and Pneumatically Operated Pinch Valves etc. we are holding the specific brand name for our particular product as “FLOWRISE® and it is also very famous in the market.

Our huge accomplishment in the market is achievable due to the actuality that we put down massive prominence on maintaining the quality of our products right from the obtaining of the raw-material to till the stage of dispatching of that products. Our Quality Checking department assures that the quality of the products is maintained very perfectly and also carries out the all tests on the finished products, to identify them weather they are capable for dispatching or not.

Our Mission

our mission

Our main mission is to get high place at the domestic as well as in the international market. We aim to fulfill our consumers all requirements related to our industrial pinch valves. As per the consumers requires, we are engaged to produce the various specifications of the valves. It is our main duty to firstly satisfy our client’s needs because they are the important parts of our company.

Our vision

our vision

Our main vision is to gain the maximum number of profit for our excellent product at all over the industries of the world. We should always stand at the top leading position as comparing to the other competitors companies in the market. Our aim is to gain the profit by fulfilling our consumer’s requirements at the great level. To satisfy the consumer’s needs is the most important aim of the every company.


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