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FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly are the industrial pinch valves?

In a practical way, the pinch valves are acts as the best solution for controlling the flow of medium of liquid or gases through the pipe line or any other systems. This industrial pinch valves are designed with the rubber sleeves which is the efficient part of the valves and prevents the any components from the contamination. This is the main function of the industrial pinch valves.

What advantages are offered by the industrial pinch valves?

  • Pinch valves are usually appropriate for flow or situation control
  • No problems of jamming is arising in this pinch valves
  • Very fast opening & closing is possible
  • No unwanted mechanical parts, seals or packing requires are found
  • Requires less maintenance
  • The flow lane is straight without any gap
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How our industrial pinch valves are best from the competitors?

Beena Engineering Works” holds the leading position in manufacturing of the great product the industrial pinch valves in India. We are manufacturing the high ranges of the industrial pinch valves in our company. Which are tough in structure, efficient in quality, elegant in finish and much more capable above the expectations level of the consumers, this is the main reason that we are in the lead competition to the other companies in this filed since 30 years of long experience. We are always conscious about our consumer’s preferences and works as per their requirements. We are offering the different specifications and verifications of the valves. Our specially manufactured pinch valves are efficiently works at the any types of the situation of the flow of the liquids and gases. Even in the over flow stage, this valve perfectly controls the flow and proves to be one of the best solution for the industrial purposes.

Due to our sincere effort towards making the outstanding forms of the pinch valves, this leads us to the great success in the market.

Benefits offered by single and double acting pneumatic cylinders as an industrial pinch valve drive

The industrial pinch valve with a double-acting cylinder is the most commercial deviation, with which the sleeve of the valves is compulsorily impelled to the in cooperation for finishing and for aperture of the valves. The single-acting or spring-closing cylinder moreover makes sure that the industrial pinch valves remainders in the stopped up situation when a compressed air loss occurs. Pneumatic cylinders have more main body choices which include extruded aluminum profiles for easier integration into machinery. A single acting hydraulic cylinder is simpler, so there is less to maintain. With only one line the action of the cylinder is determined entirely by the pressure on that one line. A double acting cylinder alternates cycles of pressurized fluid to both sides of the piston and creates extend and retract forces to move the piston rod, permitting more control over the movement.


Our specially manufactured industrial valves are capable of working at the any critical situation. If no electricity were found in the industry then it is possible to activate these valves with the hand wheels without the electric consumption. The sleeves of this industrial pinch valves can all be replaced on position without any particular tools. No extra cost will be needed for the maintenance of this valves and it is very easy to maintain this pinch valves without any stress & troubles.