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We are enormously engaged to manufacture the flourished models of the industrial pinch valves for the mining & cement industry. Manual control pinch valves are widely used for mining industry. From the very beginning the mining and cement industries are using the RF pinch valves and various types of the handling valves, these valves are specially designed for slurry, abrasive and corrosive chemical applications. The pinching action of valve occurs on centre-line leading to a smooth venture on the closure of valve as well as self cleaning of the surface. We have proven success using our air release valves in this same environment in slurry and tailings applications as well as leaching processes. RF pinch valves are widely seen at many mining industries at all around the world. Other common valve applications are lime addition, mineral laden process and dilution waters, and a variety of specialty applications such as pneumatic conveying of dry concentrates.

mining cement industries

Mining Cement pinch valves supplier

Moreover, there is never a hassle for seats to grind the need of stuffing box or packing gland to adjust therefore, these are reliable, maintenance-free and cost-effective valves. Our Pinch Valves have exceptional control individuality thus they can be used as variable aperture.