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Motorized Pinch Valve

We are active in manufacturing the great ranges of the industrial motorized pinch valves in India. These valves are the ideal solution for several applications, mainly in the industrial, commercial and food & beverage fields, as well as in all the applications which require a proportional control of the fluid and a dynamic regulation gratitude to the analogical input. Widely utilized in mechanical and other engineering industries, these valves have special lockout device on wheel. Accurate in dimensions, the offered Motorized Pinch valves can be availed at reasonable prices from us. The electric motor reaches pinching forces of up to 80N, suitable for hard tubing and also consumes the less power to work. The valves are delivered already programmed and customized according to the requested configuration, so as to make the installation easier and faster. In addition to all these features, it is possible to supply the valve without the electronic board, so as to integrate it into an existing system.

Based on their exceptional quality and efficient working profile, clients are placing repeated orders at regular intervals for Motorized Control Valves.

motorized pinch valve

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