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Chemicals, Alkaline Mixtures

Our well equipped pinch valves are widely useful in various circumstances according to the requirements of these valves. Our specially designed pinch valves are also useful to control the flow of the chemicals and alkaline mixtures. This is the reason that the chemical industries are more likely selecting our products for their wide requirements for this product. The over flow of the chemicals and the alkaline mixtures can be dangerous to the workers, so this step was taken to stop this flow. Then the question will arise that if we can avoid the chemical materials instead of using these mixtures. But in the real sense it is impossible to suddenly stop the usage of these chemicals. Many industries require these chemicals for the many compulsory works, so the pinch valves are greatly helpful for them in a broad basis. This provides the zero leaking feature as it is widely famed with our brand name "Flowrise®” in India.

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